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Do you like to photograph landscapes and want to learn how to take breathtaking pictures with the right camera settings and simple tricks? Then you are exactly right here.
In my workshops, I teach you all the essential aspects of landscape photography over a weekend: from planning and finding a motif to conscious image design, working with natural light and focus control to image processing. For each landscape photography workshop, I choose impressive natural backdrops that I know well and visit with you in the best lighting conditions. So you can directly apply what you have learned and come home with fantastic pictures. Small group sizes ensure individual care. Discover the fascinating world of landscape photography with me now!





I have been taking pictures since childhood. I don't feel comfortable when there is no camera near me. But then I decided to take a different path professionally. Now, at an advanced age, it grabbed me again. And I would like to share my knowledge now.

I am incredibly happy to personally share my experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for landscape photography. My workshops are suitable for all levels of difficulty.
I offer various courses, individually tailored. It starts with simple and inexpensive photowalks in Lucerne and the surrounding area, and then goes on to more intensive one-day courses, where we optimize our knowledge picture by picture. 

"I patiently offer a simple approach for anyone who wants to improve their technical camera skills or for anyone who wants to work on the artistic approach to their landscape photography.




Many years of practice, methodical didactic training and a lot of patience distinguish me. Contact is also welcome after the courses and I would also be happy to help with the first steps of post-processing and presenting the pictures.


We do not bolt unnecessary theory, but work on examples outside. The landscapes are waiting for us and present themselves in top form in all weather conditions. You just have to want to see it. Some theory is necessary, however, and this is also taught in an interesting way



When taking pictures, it is important to first know the soft factors and above all to develop a few "visionary“ skills.

  • What makes a good picture?

  • How can I change my perspective?

  • What is my motive

  • Why i am taking the picture, do i enjoy the moment ?

  • The golden ratio, the Fibonacci spiral and the use of lines and tension in the picture


Get to know your camera with its possibilities. Outside, live and picture by picture.

I teach you the most important basic rules of image construction and show you what you have to pay attention to so that you get a good picture.

After the coaching 

i am also available afterwards, look at your pictures and give you feedback. You will then also have access to a download folder with books and resources that you can use. This is included in the price and can be downloaded again and again.

A question that comes up again and again is the topic of post-processing and photo management. Depending on the tools used, you proceed somewhat differently. I use different variants and I have a favorite. I'll be happy to show you. I like to work with CaptureOne 20, but i am also familiar with Lightroom, On1, Luminar. 



I currently offer the following services. But the best thing to do is talk about your needs so that you can achieve your goals. Write me a message or contact me using the form. I will contact you immediately. Please note that we run most of the courses outside and travel a lot on foot. Appropriate clothing and good footwear are recommended

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Lucerne Photowalk
09.00 to 12.30 
Multi-hour photowalks through Lucerne. Different places and new perspectives, also on familiar, interesting photo objects or hidden places. Since I do such walks myself again and again, my selection of good places is relatively extensive. This is not just about landscape photography but also architecture. You can find the dates on Eventfrog or Facebook. If you are a group of three to six people, we can also make an individual appointment. €90.00 Tickets
Landscape photography course
(whole day)
At selected locations around Lucerne we will get to know the most important techniques for landscape photography. We work with the tripod, with filters. We learn how to deal with ND and gradient filters, as well as polarizing filters. We pay special attention to the image composition. Techniques such as bracketing and focus stacking are also discussed and practiced. We are outside all day and get to know some places that you certainly don't know yet.  €290 TICKETS
Photocoaching one2one
(whole day) 
Get to know your camera with its possibilities. Outside, live and picture by picture. Depending on your level, we learn the basic knowledge or more sophisticated techniques. I teach you the most important basic rules of image construction and show you what you have to pay attention to so that you get a good picture. Depending on my preferences, I am looking for a suitable location for the workshop. I ask you to wear good shoes and clothing appropriate to the weather. A physical well-being is taken care of.
€390 get in Touch

Image editing
according to your needs
We process your pictures on the computer and give them a new effect. You can also send me your pictures and I will process them for you. Up to you, you will then receive the edited images and the jpegs back as you wish. If you took part in a course or walk, it's free for the first three pictures. No expensive programs are necessary. From 80 EUR there is very good editing software for all platforms. Would you like to establish an online presence for your pictures? I would also be happy to assist you there.
according to arrangement
Get in Touch


A few years ago I was on a photo trip with Tony McLean. I had exactly my Leica Q with the 28 mm fixed lens, a borrowed M9 from Leica and a tripod. No filters, no nothing. Tony then said that there were two "posh cameras“ .

A few years ago I was on a photo trip with Tony McLean. I had exactly my Leica Q with the 28 mm fixed lens, a borrowed M9 from Leica and a tripod. No filters, no nothing. Tony then said that there were two "posh cameras" ... beautiful and honest recordings were made, which show exactly what they should. Scotland in all its beauty. I highly recommend the tours with Tony.

A few things were added today. Even if I appreciate the image quality of the Leica cameras above all, you need an alternative for use in rough nature and one or the other lens, especially for long exposures, ND fillers are essential, just like a good tripod and two free hands. A Fuji XT3 is now completing my equipment, with which I am very satisfied. You can find all my equipment on the Link below

if you ever go to the Isle of Mull be sure to fix a date with him. His site here. Photomull

landscape phtotgraphers

i learn from...

First of all, I would like to thank you all.  The information on your websites, Pictures on Instagram and Vidoes on Youtube are motivating  me to deal with landscape photography in the last few years and in future. 

Kim Grant

The first blog I want to introduce to you here is Kim Grant's. She is a Scottish landscape photographer and her videos are wonderful to watch, the information is very good and everything is prepared naturally. And for me, of course, always an inspiration for the next trip. Kim explains with great enthusiasm how she takes the pictures and takes you right into the field. The whole thing is always very personal and in a pleasant vlogging style. I think the videos are all really very successful.

mark denney

Mark Denney is probably an exception, his work is remarkable in many ways. What I particularly like about his work and his videos is the blunt honesty with which he talks about his work, about the money he earns, about the difficulties that exist and how he masters the challenges as an independent landscape photographer.

You also get a lot of tips on equipment, whether it's gloves in winter, portable hard drives or something else. That really helps. And in each video you can learn a lot in a relaxed way.

attilio ruffo

Attilio Ruffo ... when it comes to long exposures, an absolute MUST. Great music, super locations, really useful tips and tricks on gear and techniques. Attilio shares everything he knows and takes you with him. A cool guy, Italian charm and the episode in which he cooks pasta at the beginning cannot be more Italian. Fantastic.His long exposure tips are really good, his videos varied and very charming.

When you have seen all of his videos, there are actually no open questions left

henry turner

Henry Turner is very down to earth and always explains what he does in his videos. The videos are very varied and take place in different landscapes, sometimes by the sea, sometimes in the mountains and he is completely immersed in the elements. His videos are varied, his narrative style and the music in the videos are very well implemented.

Henry is also not afraid to make his videos in bad weather conditions and always explains exactly what settings he makes. His photos all have a very earthy character and focus on the important things.


chris sale

Chris Sale is a role model. He has left everything behind and concentrates entirely on photography. He shows openly and honestly how the difficulties were, talks about things that don't work out as he imagines and is just a cool guy. The pictures he is taking in the British Lake District are full of his own signage and simplicity. He explains in great detail how he markets himself and gives all his tips. And i love how Chris is explaining everything he is doing. I really appreciate how sincere he is talking about his personal development as a photographer.

Rachel Lerch

Rachel Lerch is a great photographer and takes you into nature. She photographs very intuitively and with a lot of patience. Her videos on YouTube and her website are very informative and show how she work's. Then there is the fact that she is really very personable and accessible. Photography is her passion, you can tell with every one of your videos. These are emotional and honest like her pictures. She runs workshops to help people develop their own passion and skills with a camera.

Lucerne Phototrip

Individual Trainings and One2One Coachings for People who are interested beeing out and learn Landscape Photography.



Write me what you would like to do. I will get back to you right away.

My photowalks are advertised on Facebook and take place several times a month.
I speak German, French, Italien and English.